Making Great Books Accessible

We believe in the importance of reading: not just any reading, but reading works of quality. By reading, we learn, we develop ideas, we enjoy - and we naturally absorb more skillful and formidable powers of expression. This helps us make the best of ourselves.

Nowadays we are fortunate to have countless books at our disposal, though it wasn't always like this: not until Caxton's introduction of the printing press in 1476 did ordinary people even have the chance – and then only if they could afford it - to buy printed books. Reading was the jealous preserve of an educated and wealthy élite.

Whilst books are now widely available, those that are truly worthwhile are not always easy to get to grips with and they take up a lot of time, so we tend not to bother with them. Just because we can download them easily, doesn't mean we can read or understand them easily.

And that is where Shots come in. We take complicated stuff, and simplify it for you.

Shots really do unlock the door and make decent books accessible to a wider audience, enabling more of us to escape into that other world from which we may improve our own.

The Shots Difference

You read a Shot, you get something out of it, and then it gets out of your way. It won't pester you for a complicated response, and it won't bore you with commentaries that are soon forgotten.

Yes, Shots really are different from other summaries. True to the underlying work, created with enthusiasm and expertise, they have a life and an identity of their own: they are not just dry husks emptied of the genius from which they borrow. A taste of the original remains.

Shots have real value. They give you the essence - rather than a dilution - of the underlying book, and deliver maximum impact in exchange for the minimal time and effort required to read them. But not, please note, no effort at all!

They are short, not superficial. And they are inspirational, not mechanical.

You don't have to plough through hundreds of pages. By taking a few Shots you can very quickly expand your repertoire and knowledge of books that interest you.

Reading Shots is a pleasure, not a chore, and we believe that they can meaningfully add to your quality of life. So give it a go.