What are Shots?

Shots make reading quicker and easier for us all. They are worthwhile, inspiring, plain-English summaries of great books. Read and enjoy them on your own terms - in time you can spare – and a whole new world will open up to you.

Available in print and e-book formats, Shots are standalone and interesting in their own right; they are far more than just functional, lifeless abstracts of the source material.

Whoever you are, a Shot may inspire you to go on and read the original. Or, it may be enough in itself.

If you're a student, study without the struggle: each concentrated Shot is enlivened with relevant quotes to give you a real taste of the original – great for getting to know the work, reading round it, or revising. Most Shots are reduced to around 20-25 pages of summary, which can be read in little more than an hour.

Most of us would like to read more or better. Take something tricky like Darwin's Origin of Species: many of us have an opinion on evolution, but our understanding may be foggy. Knock back the Shot and the mists will clear. Or perhaps Shakespeare: Hamlet, Lear, Macbeth? Or Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Don't be daunted! We've done the hard work. Start your quest for knowledge now.