• Hamlet


    A hideous monster is created from stolen body parts, but, deep-down, who is more monstrous? The creature or his creator?

  • Hamlet

    On the Origin of Species

    A very brave book, and considered the foundation of evolutionary biology, the debate it started about evolution through natural selection is not over yet.

  • Hamlet

    Rational Optimist

    The evidence shows that the world is improving, always has done, and always will. Despite his mistakes, mankind has done a pretty good job, so don't knock it.

  • Hamlet


    The prince epitomises our inner struggle: kill, live, hesitate, die. What is the right thing to do? What is the point?

  • King Lear

    King Lear

    Lear's is an outer struggle, heroically defying all-powerful nature, but broken on a wheel of fire by personal tragedy.

  • Macbeth


    The combination of vaulting ambition, supernatural conspiracy, and a steel-hard wife is enough to undo any man, however honourable. Blood and chaos ensue.

  • Othello


    A noble warrior brought low by the workings of gratuitous evil; just how dark is our own dark side?